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Glass Options

Your choice of double or triple pane, low-E glass options and gas fill will directly affect the efficiency of your new windows. We offer a variety of options to fit your region of the country and your budget. Our eK2 and eK366 glass options along with argon or krypton gas fills are options that you will want to discuss with your window representative.

Vinyl Kraft sliding patio doors offer you a low maintenance entrance while giving you a full view of the outside. Constructed of a heavy duty frame, it offers superior thermal erformance that is resistant to wind, rain and snow.

Size Limitations

Exact Size two panel

59-1/2 x 79-1/2

70-3/4 x 79-1/2

95-1/2 x 79-1/2

Exact size three panel center slide

106-3/4 x 79-1/2

143-1/2 x 79-1/2

Tempered glass side lights

Exact Size

12 x 79-1/2*

24 x 79-1/2*

36 x 79-1/2*

48 x 79-1/2*