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Glass Options

Your choice of double or triple pane, low-E glass options and gas fill will directly affect the efficiency of your new windows. We offer a variety of options to fit your region of the country and your budget. Our eK2 and eK366 glass options along with argon or krypton gas fills are options that you will want to discuss with your window representative.

  • Super Spacer® Standard
  • uPVC multi-cavity all welded construction
  • 7/8" insulated glass
  • Full Extruded screen frame standard
  • eK2 or eK366 glass (optional)
  • Argon or Krypton Gas Fill (optional)
  • Pre-insulated foam frame wrap (optional)
  • Triple pane glass with double Super Spacer® Available

Choosing the Right Grille

The dust-free grilles are placed in the air space between the window panes. They are offered in three different colors and styles. Brass Pencil, Sculptured, Flat

Grille Shapes

The dust-free grilles are placed in the air space between the window

Interior Colors

Standard interior window colors are white and almond. Optional wood grain finishes are light oak, dark oak, and cherry.

Custom Exterior Color Options

Standard exterior colors are white, beige, cocoa brown, and clay. Optional color choices include ten standard colors in a semi-gloss finish. In addition to the ten custom colors, we can custom mix a color to your specifications. All you need to do is send us a sample of the color you would like. In all cases the finish is extremely UV resistant, AAMA certified and comes with a twenty year warranty.


All of our casement windows come standard with a heavy duty extruded aluminum frame screen. Unlike the old screens of the past, our new screens are made of a fiberglass cloth. And in most cases, with this new style of screen, it is self healing when a hole is punched through it.


Cut Glass Options

Single window

15-1/2" to 36" W

20"- 80" H

Maximum UI 116

Double window

Size Limitations


31" - 72" W

20" - 80" H

Two casement windows with picture window


64" - 124" W

20"- 80" H

Two casement windows with two center fixed lights

Size Limitations

Maximum Width 124"

Maximum Height

Per Casement 69" H