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vinyl 5500


Glass Options

Your choice of double or triple pane, low-E glass options and gas fill will directly affect the efficiency of your new windows. We offer a variety of options to fit your region of the country and your budget. Our eK2 and eK366 glass options along with argon or krypton gas fills are options that you will want to discuss with your window representative.

  • uPVC all welded construction
  • Dual vent stops
  • Block and tackle balances
  • Both sash have recessed tilt latches
  • Pre insulated foam frame wrap (optional)
  • Foam filled frame and sash (optional)
  • Multi layer weather stripping
  • Double wall interior leg
  • 7/8" glass glazed outside
  • Gas fill options
  • Dual interlocking meeting rail
  • Dual weather-stripping
  • Steel reinforcements
  • Sloped sill

Double Pane

Triple Pane

  • Super Spacer ® Standard
  • uPVC multi-cavity all welded construction
  • 7/8" insulated glass
  • Block and tackle balances
  • Tilt-in sash
  • Heavy Duty adjustable keeper(s)
  • Forced entry approved vent latches
  • Extruded half screen frames
  • Foam filled frame and sash (optional)
  • eK2 or eK366 glass (optional)
  • Argon or Krypton Gas Fill (optional)
  • Pre-insulated foam frame wrap (optional)
  • Triple pane glass with double Super Spacer ®
  • glass technology (optional)

Choosing the Right Grille The dust-free grilles are placed in the air space between the window panes. They are offered in three different colors and styles. Brass Pencil, Sculptured, Flat